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Nearby Attractions to Moraine State Park

Information about Moraine State Park’s nearby attractions is available from the Butler County Tourism Promotion Agency.

Explore the Area

Moraine State Park is near the communities of West Liberty, Prospect, and Unionville, which offer places for eating and shopping.

Learn about some of the area businesses and things to do from the Butler County Chamber of Commerce.

Nearby State Parks and Forests

Moraine State Park is close to three state parks, where visitors can enjoy recreation, education, and other activities.

McConnells Mill State Park

The 2,546-acre McConnells Mill State Park is located in Lawrence County and encompasses part of the spectacular Slippery Rock Creek Gorge, which is a National Natural Landmark.

Created by the draining of glacial lakes thousands of years ago, the gorge has steep sides while the valley floor is littered with huge boulders. Scenic overlooks and waterfalls are popular natural attractions.

Popular recreational activities include hiking, picnicking, whitewater boating, fishing, hunting, climbing, and wildlife watching.

Jennings Environmental Education Center

Jennings Environmental Education Center is one of several state parks specifically dedicated to providing environmental education and recreation to the community. A variety of programs that increase knowledge and awareness of the beauty and importance of our natural resources are available for children, teachers, and the general public.

One of the park’s main features, the 20-acre prairie ecosystem, is home to distinctive prairie plants and the endangered massasauga rattlesnake. The most noteworthy and spectacular prairie flower is the blazing star.

Maurice K. Goddard State Park

The 2,856-acre Maurice K. Goddard State Park features the 1,680-acre Lake Wilhelm, which is very popular with anglers and boaters. Many recreational activities attract visitors in all seasons.

The large lake, abundant wetlands, old fields, and mature forests provide a diversity of habitats for wildlife, especially waterfowl, eagle, and osprey.

Other Nearby Outdoor Spaces and Natural Places

The Frank Preston Conservation Area is a couple miles to the east of the park and offers additional recreational and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Washington’s Trail

This auto route retraces the approximate path of George Washington’s trip of 1753-1754 from Virginia to Fort LeBoeuf (present day Waterford, Pa). This trip marked the beginning of the French and Indian War.

The route is marked by signs and follows routes PA 422 and PA 528 which pass through the park.