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  • Stories of Black History in Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests

    State parks and forests offer visitors some of the most beautiful natural sites across the state and a connection to Black history.

  • Wildflower Spotting in Winter?

    Winter is a great time to observe orchids. The bright green of the leaves in winter is the best way to identify these plants.

  • Planning for a Healthy State Forest System

    DCNR manages 2.2 million acres of state forest for generations of future use. Public involvement is critical to the process.

  • A Message from the Secretary: 2018 Year in Review

    Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn reflects on DCNR's most notable accomplishments during 2018

  • First Day Hikers Log Almost 8,000 Miles in Pennsylvania on New Year’s Day

    Hikers bring in the new year with friends, family, and pets in Pennsylvania's state parks