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Fall leaves at outdoor picnic area
  • Can We Do Even More to Be Green? The Answer is…We Can and Are!

    Learn about the latest efforts DNCR is undertaking to do more to go green and encourage others to do so.

  • Learn and Explore with a Walk in Penn’s Woods

    Participate in a fun and educational outdoor activity by enjoying a Walk in Penn's Woods event!

  • My Path to Fighting Wildland Fires: A DCNR Firefighter’s Journey

    Wildland firefighters face great opportunity and sacrifice. Learn about a DCNR firefighter who has aided in assignments in Pa. and out west.

  • National Observance Salutes Those Who Hunt and Fish

    National Hunting and Fishing Day, September 22, is a day to recognize these activities and connections -- and conservation, too!

  • Producing the Show: PA Fall Foliage Factors

    Learn about the key factors that create the stunning display of fall colors that adorn Pennsylvania each year!