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Hiking at Moraine State Park

29.2 miles of trails

The hiking trails of Moraine State Park wander through forests and grassy areas, along lake edges, and past wetlands.

For your safety and to protect the resource, please stay on the trails.

For the safety of all park visitors, please keep dogs leashed and under physical control at all times.

South Shore

Sunken Garden Trail

1.9 or 2.4 or 3.6 miles, easiest hiking, blue blazes

For an enjoyable and scenic hike that is close to the park office, Sunken Garden Trail offers views of the lake shoreline and travels through a variety of habitats and terrains. Hikers can choose either a 1.9-mile short loop, a 2.4-mile middle loop, or a 3.6-mile long loop. The loops include moderate inclines. The longer section offers slightly more rugged terrain.

When conditions permit, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing in the winter. Access the trail near the Pleasant Valley Non-powered Boat Launch parking lot. From the park office travel toward the Pleasant Valley Marina and take the first right turn.

Hilltop Trail

1.1 or 3 miles, more difficult hiking, yellow blazes

This trail passes through different stages of forest regeneration, by cavity-nesting bird boxes, and near the remains of a spring house. Hikers can choose a 1.1-mile short loop or a 3-mile long loop. The trail includes flat grassy areas and gradual inclines that lead to fields high above the highway and lake.

Access to this trail is adjacent to the entrance of Bear Run Boat Launch.

Pleasant Valley Trail

1.9 miles, easiest hiking, blue blazes

This lovely trail offers an easy hike through the hills and valleys of the South Shore, passing through wooded and open grassy areas. The trail passes near the Windy Knob and Bear Run picnic areas, crosses Hilltop Trail, and then intersects Sunken Garden Trail.

Making a left on the Sunken Garden Trail will return hikers to the trailhead.

When conditions permit, the trail is groomed for cross-country skiing in winter.

Access to this trail is directly across Pleasant Valley Road from the Pleasant Valley Picnic Area.

North Shore

Five Points Trail

1.3 miles, easiest hiking, yellow blazes

This loop trail meanders through forests and by a small pond. Access to the trail is near Lakeview Beach and the organized group tenting area.

Glacier Ridge Trail

14.8 miles, most difficult hiking, blue blazes

Designated as part of the North Country National Scenic Trail, this trail extends 14 miles from the western end of Moraine State Park to Jennings Environmental Education Center. The trail winds through forests, crosses streams, and offers scenic views of Lake Arthur.

Glacier Ridge Trail can be accessed at PA 528, Mount Union Road (TR 10050), the bike rental building, and McDanels Launch Area.

The Link Road Overnight Shelter is available to backpackers by reservation only. Contact the park office for backpacking information.

Make a reservation to stay the night at Moraine State Park.

Wyggeston Trail

1.5 to 4.6 miles, most difficult hiking, yellow and white blazes

For the more adventurous, this trail has rougher, rockier terrain and is a more challenging hike than the other trails on the South Shore. The extra effort is well worth it because the trail takes you into a remote, undeveloped section of the park with diverse natural plant communities, and by an old house foundation, stone fences, and a historic oil central powerhouse.

The trail can be hiked either as a 1.5-mile loop, or a three-mile or 4.6-mile excursion. The trail can be accessed at the northern end from Christley Road just west of PA 528, and at the southern end from Park Road.