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Water is linked to weather, climate, energy, public health, and recreation. Pennsylvania is a water-rich state, fortunate to have an adequate supply of both surface and groundwater.

In Pennsylvania, water issues have been primarily centered on the quality of water sources.

But the Commonwealth is not immune to supply issues, and the scarcity of water will likely be a challenge of the future as our climate changes, and more people compete for its use.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’s mission is connected to water through:

  • Forested landscapes -- including woodlands, stream buffers and community trees -- that serve as natural filters for pollutants entering waterways
  • Rivers conservation
  • Management of lakes, rivers, streams, beaches, and shorelines for habitat and recreation
  • Groundwater knowledge and role in water well drilling
  • Managing resources to provide water-based recreation
  • Grants for green infrastructure in local parks and recreational facilities