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Mountain Biking at Michaux State Forest

A 37-mile marked shared-use trail is open to mountain biking. It features 18 miles of “easy” trails, 11 miles of “more difficult” trails, and 8 miles of “most difficult” trails.

Mountain bikes may be used on most roads and trails on Michaux State Forest, and the degree of difficulty varies considerably.

The natural areas, Appalachian Trail Corridor, Rocky Knob Trail, Beaver Trail, and Buck Ridge Trails are closed to mountain biking.

Electric Bike (E-bike) Use

Class 1 E-bikes are permitted on approved mountain bike trails and roads, provided they meet all the following standards:

  1. Electric motor less than 750 watts
  2. Fully functional pedals
  3. Weight not exceeding 75 lbs.
  4. Maximum speed less than 20 mph
  5. Does not have capacity to be completely self-propelled (must be pedaled to engage electric motor)

Class 2 and 3 E-bikes are not permitted on approved mountain bike trails and roads in state forests.