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Camping at Loyalsock State Forest

Primitive backpack camping is permitted while hiking along state forest trails.

Backpack campers are not required to obtain a camping permit if they stay no more than one night at a location.

All roadside campers, horse campers, and backpack campers staying in a designated campsite or more than one night at a location, are required to obtain a camping permit from the Resource Management Center or the Hillsgrove Maintenance Station.

For information about campsite availability in Loyalsock State Forest and to request a permit, please contact the district office at 570-946-4049. The PA State Forest Campsite Map shows locations and additional details for designated campsites.

Camping in a group of 10 persons or more requires a letter of authorization from the district forester in addition to a camping permit.

Camping is prohibited along certain sections of roads and some other areas posted as closed to camping.

The Loyalsock State Forest Camping Policy Brochure & Map (PDF) has more information about the sites available.