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Pennsylvania State Forest Rules and Regulations


Using a device that is capable of discharging or propelling a projectile is prohibited 

  •  Except in accordance with Game and Wildlife Code
  •  Except target shooting at a location authorized by DCNR


The following activities are prohibited except with written permission from DCNR:

  • Operating a motorized off-road vehicle on a road, trail, or area that has not been posted as open for motorized off-road vehicles
  • Operating a motorized off-road vehicle on a road, trail, or area that has not been posted as open outside of the following periods:
    • From the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September
    • From the day following the last day of the regular or extended rifle deer season as established by the Game Commission through the following April 1
  • Operating or riding a motorized off-road vehicle without wearing a securely fastened helmet which meets the specifications established for motorcycle helmets in 67 Pa. Code Chapter 107 (relating to motorcycle helmets)

Natural Resources

The following activities are prohibited without written permission from DCNR:

  • Cutting, picking, digging, damaging, or removing (in whole or in part) a living or dead plant, vine, shrub, tree or flower, including fungus, lichen and moss, except as permitted in subsection (b) and §21.120 (relating to ground blinds and tree stands)
  •  Removing rocks, shale, sand, clay, soil, or other mineral products
  •  Removing peat, bark, mulch, pine straw, or other natural resources
  •  Planting a tree, shrub, or plant
  •  Releasing an animal that was brought into a state forest

The following activities are permitted:

  •  Gathering edible wild plants or plant parts for an individual’s personal or family consumption, unless the plant is listed in Chapter 45 (relating to conservation of Pennsylvania native wild plants) as threatened, endangered, rare or vulnerable
  •  Gathering dead and down wood for building fires on state forest land as permitted in § 21.118 (relating to fires)


Materials that have been accumulated during a visit to a state forest may be placed in receptacles or facilities provided by DCNR for this purpose.

All other activities are prohibited, such as disposing of:

  • Trash
  • Garbage
  • Paper
  • Waste
  • Pollutants
  • Other materials