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Sightseeing in Loyalsock State Forest

More than one hundred and forty miles of state forest roads provide opportunities to view the forest and its flora and fauna. It is not uncommon to see black bears, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, or to even glimpse a bobcat. Eastern coyotes are found throughout the district and lucky sightseers might even get to view a fisher or river otter, both of which were reintroduced into the forest during the last three decades. Scenic views, waterfalls, and wildflowers can be observed along most of the state forest roads. Please exercise caution when traveling state forest roads, especially during the winter months when many roads do not receive maintenance.

High Knob Overlook offers a spectacular view of nearly 25 miles and beauty beyond words. Many visitors come to High Knob in June to view the mountain laurel in bloom and or in early October to view the vibrant fall colors. Canyon Vista, Forksville Vista, Hoagland Vista, Band Rock Vista, Sharp Top Vista, Bodine Mountain Vista, Trout Run Vista, Indian Trail Vista, and Pleasant Stream Vista are other overlooks within Loyalsock State Forest with inspiring views of the surrounding countryside.


Waterfalls abound in the Loyalsock State Forest. Dry Run Falls can be accessed by vehicle, while most others, including Jacoby Run Falls and Angel Falls, involve a short hike. The Rock Run Valley provides visitors with an awesome display of nature. The crystal clear mountain water crashes over waterfalls and forms deep blue pools. Special regulations in this valley have promoted a family friendly experience for summertime wading in the refreshing mountain water. The Haystack Rapids near Laporte offer visitors a truly one-of-a-kind experience. A geologic formation unique to the area has left large mound-like boulders in the Loyalsock Creek that glisten in the sunlight due the high quartz content. The water squeezes through the boulder field, in a series of scenic rapids. A pleasant hike on an old railroad grade will lead you to the Haystacks where you can enjoy a peaceful picnic.