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Hunting & Trapping

Hunting for deer, turkey, grouse, woodcock squirrels, waterfowl, rabbits, hares, coyotes and black bear is a popular use of the forest during designated seasons. Other than a few safety zones around buildings and picnic areas, hunting is permitted throughout the state forest. Additionally, the entire Delaware State Forest is enrolled in DMAP. Nine DMAP areas open for antlerless deer harvest only provide deer hunters with additional opportunities to pursue their sport. For the past nine plus years, the Delaware State Forest has cooperated with Promised Land Sportsmen Association to offer opportunities for youth hunters on liberated Pheasants. These pheasants linger long after the mid-October youth hunt. Trappers have the option to pursue coyotes, bobcats and beaver to name a few. With all the steams, ponds and wetlands beaver, muskrats and mink are often very plentiful. Additional information on hunting can be obtained from the PA Game Commission and DCNR’s websites.