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The Delaware State Forest is awash with angling opportunities. The above mentioned lake, ponds are not to be outdone by the numerous brooks, streams and river that meander their way across the State Forest. Many of these watercourses are stocked with the native species, (brook trout) of trout and rise readily to a fly. Saw Creek, Bushkill Creek, Little Bushkill Creek are all stocked with brook trout. Poplar Run, Saventine Creek, East Spring Run and Red Rock Run to name a few all have native trout. The Delaware River fronts on one mile of State Forest land and is ONLY accessible by boat. Camping permits are required for any over night stay on this parcel, (see camping above for details). Anglers on the Delaware River may catch, species including: trout, bass, walleye, shad, musky and pan fish. 

Lakes & Ponds

There are thirteen lakes and ponds within the Delaware State Forest-six glacial: Pine Lake, Bruce Lake, White Deer Lake, Little Mud Pond, Long Pond and Little Mud Pond Natural Area Pond and seven man-made: Egypt Meadow Lake, Stairway Lake, Lilly Pond, Peck’s Pond, Painter’s Swamp, Snow Hill Pond and Lake Minisink. Many clear mountain streams originate on the state forest and eventually tumble down to the Delaware River over stunning waterfalls. The streams provide excellent trout fishing while warm water fishing is good at many of the lakes and ponds.

Pine Lake

10 acres, access via trail on Promised Land Trail System map and across bog to waters edge (no “traditional” shore line). GPS recommended, The appearance to this lake is wild, day use only is permitted. I-84 will be heard to the north of the lake.

Bruce Lake

56 acres, average depth 10’, access via Bruce Lake trail; 2.5 mile hike, trail on Promised Land Trail System map, natural area – no motorized permitted, Bass, pan fish and musky take up residence. The appearance to this lake is wild, day use only is permitted. I-84 will be heard to the north of the lake.

White Deer Lake

49 acres, max depth 18’, access off S.R. 402 north of I-84 and south of US Route 6. Boat launch and parking, potable water at north entrance off 402, electric motors permitted. Bass and pan fish will be caught in these waters. The appearance to this lake is wild with the exception of several cabins no overnight camping near lake day use only is permitted.

Little Mud Pond

21 acres, average depth 15’, access off Silver Lake Road, east of S. R. 402, boat launch, stocked with trout. The appearance to this lake to the north is very wild. Numerous state forest cabins will be seen to the south and east.

Long Pond

10 acres, access S.R. 402 south of 84 to Ranch Road west to gate, walk in only, boggy/brushy edge, pickerel. This pond is very wild appearing, no structures will be seen, however I-84 will be heard to the north. Day use only is permitted in this area, no overnight camping.

Little Mud Pond Natural Area Pond

small size, bog mat /brushy edge, very remote, walk in, GPS suggested. This pond is very wild appearing, no structures will be seen. Day use only is permitted in this area, (natural area- no overnight camping).

Egypt Meadow Lake

48 acres, average depth 4, South off I-84 on S.R. 390 about 100 yard to first yellow pipe gate on east side of road, (parking lot). Take trail approximately ½ mile to lake. Walk in only, see Promised Land Trail System map for details. Bass, bullheads and pan fish should be expected to be caught. The appearance to this lake is wild, day use only is permitted (natural area- no overnight camping).  I-84 will be heard to the north of the lake.

Stairway Lake

13 acres, Take I-84 to Matamoras Exit, turn west (right at light) travel to Cummins Hill Road, turn north (right). Travel Cummins Hill Road to Boundary Trail Parking lot, follow Boundary Trail to Slate Stone Road, past yellow pipe gate to lake. GPS suggested, Request Buckhorn Recreation Area Map for details. Bass and pan fish are species expected to be caught. The appearance to this lake is fairly wild, one campsite at the vista overlooking the Delaware River to the East.

Lilly Pond

12 acres, Take I-84 to Milford exit, travel US. Route 6 east to Soccopee Road, turn left on Woodtown Road, travel until road turns to dirt and forks, take left fork in road. Traditional shore line stocked with trout, bass and pan fish. The appearance to this lake on the southern side is park like, several cabins and a residence. No overnight camping in this area without permission from the District Forester. Contact the district office for details.

Peck’s Pond

315 acres, average depth 3’, 23 islands and 564 acres of adjoining wetlands. Take S.R. 402 south from 84 approximately seven miles. Two boat launches exist; the first on the western shore, along “old 402” and the second off Brewster Road, along southern shore. Peck’s Pond is very weedy and full of old stumps providing much cover for bait fish and predator fish to lurk in. Species include: pickerel, large mouthed bass and pan fish. Many state forest leased cabins are set on the western and southern shore line of Peck’s Pond. The northern and eastern shoreline is swamping and wild. Be aware that a nationally recognized black duck propagation area protects the eastern third of the lake. Entry into propagation area permitted from October 1 to March 31. 

Painter’s Swamp

5 acres, max depth 5’, access to this man made pond is from Silver Lake Road, south on Flat Ridge Road to the Thunder Swamp Trail System Parking lot which is approximately ½ mile south of Coon Swamp Road on East side of Flat Ridge Road. Take Thunder Swamp Trail System east out of parking lot to lake. Portaging a canoe or kayak will make your angling more enjoyable. Pickerel are the predominant species in this lake. The appearance to this lake is fairly wild, one state forest leased cabin is set off by itself, good, get away lake.

Snow Hill Pond

2 acres, To access this pond travel up Laurel Run Road from S.R. 447 approximately 4 miles. Pond is stocked with trout, bass and pan fish also inhabit these waters. Snow Hill Pond is right along Laurel Run Road, parking lot near dam on east side of pond. The shore line of this pond appears park like, mowed dam breast Laurel Run Road.

Lake Minisink

35 acres, average depth 15, Access to this lake is off Bushkill Falls road to Lake Minisink west or Lake Minisink east. The eastern access offers a boat launch and small parking lot. This lake is stocked with trout and pan fish and bass exist. The shore line of this lake makes it as though it is private, it’s 60 % encircled with state forest leased cabins. No overnight camping is permitted adjoining Lake Minisink, contact district office for locations.