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Mountain Biking at Swatara State Park

28 miles of trails

Accessible from the State Park Lane trailhead, six loop trails twist through the woods and up-and-down hills. Each loop is about 1.5 miles in length, totaling 9.8 miles.

These single track natural surface trails are a maximum 24 inches wide with log obstacles and stream crossings. They are considered “most difficult” by DCNR trail standards, but “easy” by International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) standards.

Mountain bikes are also permitted on:

  • Swatara Rail Trail (10 miles)
  • Bear Hole Trail (4.8 miles)
  • Moonshine Trail (0.8 mile)
  • Trout Run Trail (0.5 mile)
  • State Park Lane (0.5 mile)
  • Portage Trail (0.4 mile)
  • Mifflin Trail (0.3 mile)
  • Round About Loop (0.5 mile)
  • Sand Siding Trail (0.4 mile)