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​Bicycling at Swatara State Park

14.8 miles of trails

Bear Hole Trail

4.8 miles, more difficult hiking

Running along the eastern side of Swatara State Park is Bear Hole Trail, a wide, rolling trail for hiking and biking.

​Swatara Rail Trail

10 miles, easiest hiking

Swatara Rail Trail extends from Lickdale Interchange (Exit 90) of I-81 to the Pine Grove Interchange (Exit 100) of I-81. The trail grade is relatively flat, with variable surfaces: dirt, gravel, and pavement, requiring wide tires.

Northern and Southern Multi-Use Loops

11 miles of trails

The Northern and Southern Multi-Use Loops are popular rides. By using Swatara Rail Trail and Bear Hole Trail visitors can recreate on two multi-use loops:

  • The Southern Loop, Waterville Bridge to Sand Siding Bridge and back, is 4.6 miles
  • The Northern Loop, Swopes Valley Road to Sand Siding Bridge and back, is 7.2 miles and includes a brief ride on Swopes Valley Road

Both loops can be combined to make the full loop which is 11 miles.