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​Bicycling at Swatara State Park

14.8 miles of trails

Bear Hole Trail

4.8 miles, more difficult hiking

Running along the eastern side of Swatara State Park is Bear Hole Trail -- a wide, rolling trail for hiking and biking.

​Swatara Rail Trail

10 miles, easiest hiking

Swatara Rail Trail extends from Lickdale Interchange (Exit 90) of I-81 to the Pine Grove Interchange (Exit 100) of I-81.

The trail grade is relatively flat, with variable surfaces -- dirt, gravel, and pavement -- requiring wide tires.

Northern and Southern Multi-Use Loops

11 miles of trails

The Northern and Southern Multi-Use Loops are popular rides. By using Swatara Rail Trail and Bear Hole Trail visitors can recreate on two multi-use loops:

  • The Southern Loop -- Waterville Bridge to Sand Siding Bridge and back -- is 4.6 miles
  • The Northern Loop -- Swopes Valley Road to Sand Siding Bridge and back -- is 7.2 miles and includes a brief ride on Swopes Valley Road

Both loops can be combined to make the full loop, which is 11 miles.

Biking Rules and Regulations

Pennsylvania state law requires all bicyclists under the age of 12 to wear an approved helmet.

All traditional bicycles (bikes) and electric bicycles (e-bikes) are permitted on state park roads and any trails designated for biking or mountain biking.

Biking is prohibited on designated hiking-only trails and any roads or trails marked as prohibited for bikes.

All riders are required to maintain safe speeds at all times and comply with recommended and/or posted speed limits.

E-bikes must follow all e-bike guidelines.