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Wildlife Watching at Shawnee State Park

The diverse habitats of Shawnee State Park provide great opportunities for viewing wildlife. The park sits near the base of the Allegheny Front. The 451 acre lake and its surrounding fields and woods are home to many species of fish, birds, and other wildlife. 

The lake serves as a stopping point for various migratory birds in the spring and fall. 

Many animals are active in the morning and evening, which provide great opportunities to view diverse species.  Quietly walk along Lake Shore Trail to see wildlife along the lake. 

Field Trail traverses through various habitats where birds and mammals can be seen.  Explore remote areas of the park by canoe or kayak to see waterfowl, such as ducks and geese.

Shawnee Lake Assessment 2011

Due to ongoing concerns with health of Shawnee Lake, DCNR's Bureau of State Parks contracted with Princeton Hydro, LLC, to review and interpret collected lake data.

Their findings are included in the Shawnee Lake Assessment Report 2011 (PDF) and include a list of possible lake management activities and their feasibility on Shawnee Lake.