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Hiking at Shawnee State Park

16 miles of trails

Colvin Trail

0.4 Mile, easiest hiking

The loop trail beginning at Colvin Day Use Area travels through the woods and along the Shawnee Branch. To access the trail, park at the Colvin Day Use Area and use caution when crossing Route 96. Please do not hike this trail during high flood events due to its low elevation in proximity to surrounding streams and bodies of water. 

Colvin Covered Bridge is located at the end of the trail and spans the Shawnee Branch, which provides a scenic view. Be alert for vehicles when walking along Mill Road and across the bridge. 

Felton Trail

2.0 miles, more difficult hiking

This multi-use trail runs along the valley and stream located on the northeastern side of the park. A portion of this trail is wide and easy, with some uphill grade. Hikers enjoy a nice forested setting along the path. 

Forbes Trail

3.8 miles, easiest hiking

Forbes Trail is a remnant of a historic road from the French and Indian war that bisected the area of the park. Forbes Trail is a very gentle trail that begins at Pigeon Hills Trail, continues at Hickory Bottom Parking Area, and goes alongside Mill Road. 

The trail access and portions of the trail are along roadways. Please use caution. 

Field Trail

2.0 miles, more difficult hiking

This multi-use trail traverses the hillsides at Shawnee State Park, beginning at the parking lot near Pavilion #2. The start of the hike has a steep grade which leads to a spectacular view of Shawnee State Park. Once at the crest, the trail widens and levels out for a period of time before crossing the park entrance road. 

Field Trail connects to Felton trail at the end of its path. Use caution when crossing roads.

Lake Shore Trail

3.4 miles, easiest hiking

Lake Shore trail is a wide, gentle trail that showcases Shawnee State Park.  This multi-use gravel path is an ideal path for families. On this trail, hikers can see the historic buildings of Shawnee State Park, walk across the dam, and have good birding opportunities over the water. Lake Shore Trail connects with Forbes, Field, Shawnee, and Tiday trails. 

A portion of the trail is on State Park Road. Please use caution while walking or biking along this section. Parking is available at picnic area #1, #2, or #7.

Lost Antler Trail

0.8 mile, more difficult hiking

Off of Loop B in the main campground, this loop trail winds through young forest on a hillside in the park. The trail has both uphill sections and level hiking. Parking is available at the extra car lot near the Loop B shower house or at the entrance of the campground near the contact station.

Pigeon Hills Trail

1.7 miles, most difficult hiking

This multi-use trail is located on the most eastern, outer edge of the park. The grade varies throughout this trail, making it one of the more advanced trails in the park. This trail is not suitable for everyone. Pigeon Hills Trail connects with Felton, Tiday, and Forbes trails. Use Felton or Tiday trails to access Pigeon Hills Trail.

Shawnee Trail

1.5 miles, more difficult hiking

This trail connects Lake Shore Trail to the ballfield and picnic area #9. Shawnee Trail has a series of hills to traverse through a serene forest setting.

Tiday Trail

0.9 mile, easiest hiking

This multi-use trail is a very easy hike with some slope that proceeds along a stream in a forested area and eventually connects to Pigeon Hills Trail.