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Wildlife Watching at Prince Gallitzin State Park

The diverse habitats of Prince Gallitzin State Park provide great opportunities for viewing wildlife. Please observe wildlife from a distance and do not feed wildlife.

The 1,635-acre Glendale Lake, with its 26 miles of shoreline, is home to many species of fish, birds, and animals.

Wyerough Branch and the upper reaches of Slatelick and Mudlick branches are covered in wetland plants and are a good places to see:

  • Ducks
  • Herons
  • Rails

During the spring and fall, waterfowl stop at the lake to rest on their migrations north and south.

The forests of the park are excellent for seeing many species of birds, especially warblers and vireos.

The fields in the park are excellent habitat for butterflies. Prince Gallitzin State Park, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, is enhancing the Headache Hill area to improve wildlife diversity and create wildlife viewing areas.

The Bird Checklist of Prince Gallitzin State Park (PDF) is a comprehensive listing of all birds found in the park, their season, their habitat, and the likelihood of being seen.

Feeding wildlife is prohibited. When animals become dependent on humans for food, this brings animals and humans into close contact which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Human food is often of little nutritional value to animals and can make animals sick and unhealthy.