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​Cross-country Skiing at Oil Creek State Park

11.5 miles of trails

A cross-country ski trail complex located between Petroleum Centre and Plumer can be accessed on SR 1004.

A network of 11.5 miles of groomed trails offers beginner and intermediate skiers a variety of skiing experiences. Track is set on all trails in the complex.

A fee is charged for a ski pass, which is required in the complex.

The area includes a large parking area, warming hut, and restrooms.

Mountain bikes are prohibited on ski trails.

Most of the trails utilize old oil lease and lumber roads and are generally about 10 feet wide.

Six connecting trails are blazed in white.

Blue Loop

2.6 miles, easiest skiing

Suitable for beginning skiers, Blue Loop is relatively flat with one steep section.

Green Loop

0.6 miles, easiest skiing

Green Loop is suitable for beginning skiers.

Red Loop

5.8 miles, more difficult skiing

This very challenging trail has several steep hills, and some sharp turns, and also leads to a very impressive scenic view.

Warming Hut/Parking Lot

A warming hut, the trail head, and restrooms are west of the parking lot. These are available from 8:00 A.M. until sunset. Inside the hut, are a wood burning stove and several picnic tables.

Skiing Trail Tips

Follow the trail 1.5 miles westward or clockwise from the warming hut to see the Benninghoff Tableau Site and the railroad bridge at Pioneer and six derricks with oil related buildings, machinery, equipment, and materials. Though this is not a working site, it gives a feel for what the area was like in the 1860s and 70s.

Beyond the scenic vista, the trail merges with the Gerard Hiking Trail (yellow blazes) several times for short distances. Stay with the red blazes to stay on the Red Loop.

By utilizing the Red, Blue, Green loops, and six White connector trails, the skiing possibilities are almost endless making some very unique, exciting, and challenging combinations.

Ski Passes

Ski passes are required for use of the groomed trail network. Passes can be purchased at the booth near the warming hut or at the park office. Day passes and season passes are available.

Ski trail with no Pass Required

The 9.7-mile bicycle trail is open to skiers without a pass. Check at the park office for trail conditions.

Skier Responsibilities

There are elements of risk in skiing that can be reduced by common sense and personal awareness.

  • Maintain control of your speed and direction at all times
  • Ski in a manner that does not endanger others
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible by others
  • Obey all signs and posted warnings
  • Keep off closed trails
  • Report all accidents

Snow and Ice Conditions

The Winter Report provides ice and snow depth information for state parks.