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Biking at Oil Creek State Park

9.7 miles of trails

A paved bicycle trail through scenic Oil Creek Gorge is a major park attraction.

Trailheads are at Petroleum Centre in the south and Drake Well Museum in the north.

Trail users may rent bicycles at the park office.

Picnic tables, benches, rain shelters, and restrooms are at key points along the trail. Historical markers detail special events of the 1860s oil boom era.

Trail Rules

  • The trail is open to two-way bicycle traffic. Stay to the right while riding.
  • When passing another cyclist, first ensure that there are no oncoming riders, then call out to the cyclist that you are passing.
  • Bicycles should be parked off of the trail to avoid obstructing traffic.
  • Bicycles are only permitted on paved trail, and roadways.
  • Bicycles are prohibited on hiking trails.

Caution: Park maintenance and emergency vehicles may be on the trail.