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Wildlife Watching at Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

Nolde Forest’s unique ecosystem is home to many interesting animals.

Deep forest birds such as the brown creeper, wood thrush, and many warblers call the area home. Barred, great horned, and screech owls patrol the forest year round and roost in the evergreen snags throughout the property. You might see a pair of eyes looking back at you from crevices in trees if you know where to look.

Many mammals also reside in the park. Deer, red fox, eastern gray squirrel, and chipmunk are all common sights in the woods. A keen observer may also encounter mink, gray fox, flying squirrel, and almost every species of bat found in Pennsylvania.

Nolde Forest is also home to cold-blooded wildlife. Visitors can find amphibians and reptiles throughout the park.

Visit the ponds to look for turtles, frogs, red-spotted newts, and northern water snakes. While on the trails, look on sunny, flat rocks for woodland serpents like the ringneck, garter, black rat, and milk snakes.

Respect Wildlife

  • Give wildlife space.
  • Do not touch or feed animals.
  • Leave nesting birds alone.
  • Birds and mammals become stressed when approached or chased by people or pets. 
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • It is illegal to feed, harass, or remove wildlife from the park.