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Hiking at Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

10 miles of trails

The trails of Nolde Forest wander throughout the park under tall trees and near creeks. Some trails are footpaths and others are remnants of gravel roads used by original owners of the mansion.

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. A paved trail by the mansion and another in the Sawmill area are accessible for people with disabilities.

Only trails with trail sign posts are maintained.

  • Please stay on trails to protect the life that borders the paths
  • Bicycles and motor vehicles are prohibited on any trails or roads, except the paved entrance road to the center
  • Enjoy plants and animals in their natural setting
  • Picking, digging, and collecting plants and animals is prohibited
  • All wildlife should be left undisturbed

Listed below are the main trails. Numerous connectors join all of the trails into many loops.

Boulevard Trail

2.3 miles

This old fire road provides easy walking under hardwood trees in a loop in the middle of the center. The trail begins and ends at the mansion.

Kissinger Road

0.8 mile

This old fire road provides easy walking through a conifer plantation planted for Jacob Nolde.

Kohout Trail

0.3 mile

This short trail in the northern corner of the park has a few steep inclines. In the spring it is a good trail to see wildflowers.

Middle Road

0.6 mile

This old fire road provides easy walking through a conifer plantation planted for Jacob Nolde.

Watershed Trail

1.1 miles

This hiking trail follows the scenic creek bottom along Punches Run. The trail begins and ends at the mansion.

Hike Safely and Responsibly

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
  • Check the weather forecast and sunset time. Storms may roll in quickly. Park hours are 8:00 A.M. to sunset each day.
  • Wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots to protect your feet.
  • Carry the proper safety equipment, like a park map, first aid kit, and a rain jacket.
  • Stay on the trail. If you hike off of the trail, you might get lost, disturb wildlife, or damage the fragile habitat.
  • Carry drinking water and a snack. DO NOT drink from streams, springs, or ponds without properly treating the water first.
  • Leave the trails and park cleaner than you found them. Dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles. Do not carve on trees or leave a mark.
  • Be a courteous visitor. Many animals and other visitors enjoy this forest too.
  • If you see a problem in the park, contact the park office at 610-796-3699.

Dog Walking

Dogs are permitted on hiking trails.

All dogs must be on a leash, physically controlled, and attended at all times. Uncontrolled pets may chase wildlife, frighten visitors, or interrupt park programs.

Be prepared to clean up after your pet and properly dispose of waste to prevent the spread of disease.

Be considerate of wildlife, visitors, and school groups. All park users appreciate a safe, clean park.