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Wildlife Watching at Greenwood Furnace State Park

Wildlife is abundant in the area. The alert observer may see:

  • White-tailed deer
  • Black bear
  • Wild turkey
  • Ruffed grouse
  • Many species of small animals

Duck, great blue heron, and occasionally osprey visit the lake. At dusk, during late May and June, whip-poor-will sing their unique call.

Feeding wild animals such as bear, raccoon, duck, goose, and skunk is strongly discouraged. When wildlife loses its fear of people, these animals become pests and dangerous situations can result. Please help in maintaining healthy wildlife populations by not feeding the animals.

Birding Resources

The common birds brochure lists the birds most likely to be seen in the park and in which habitat:

Common Birds of Greenwood Furnace State Park (PDF)

The bird checklist is a comprehensive listing of all birds found in the park, their season, their habitat, and the likelihood of being seen:

Bird Checklist of Greenwood Furnace State Park (PDF)