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Hiking at Greenwood Furnace State Park

The trails of Greenwood Furnace explore historic places and pass through numerous habitats like forest and ridge top, and also connect to trails in the surrounding Rothrock State Forest.

Trail Blazes:

  • Yellow, Green, and Orange blazed trails are for hiking only
  • Blue blazed trails are also recommended for cross-country skiing, snow permitting
  • Red blazed trails are multi-use and may also be open to mountain biking, snowmobiling, and/or horseback riding
  • Orange diamonds designate snowmobile routes

Brush Ridge Trail

2.75 miles, red blazes, more difficult hiking

This trail begins along Broad Mountain Road or from the connector trail from Chestnut Spring Trail. The trail provides a ridge top perspective of the surrounding forest. Hikers can use Dixon Trail and Tramway Trail to form a loop, which returns to the park.*

Chestnut Spring Trail

0.5 mile, yellow blazes, more difficult hiking

Beginning by Picnic Pavilion #1, the trail follows a small stream that ambles among large rocks and fern-lined banks to its source at a spring house. The trail crosses Broad Mountain Road and winds back down the hill passing a charcoal hearth. To return to Picnic Pavilion #1, follow Broad Mountain Road to the first park road.

Dogtown Trail

1 mile, red blazes, easy hiking

Beginning at the parking lot on the west end of the campground, the trail enters the forest. The trail descends to and crosses a creek, intersects with Tramway Trail then crosses PA 305. On the mountainside, the trail parallels PA 305 east, crosses Viantown Trail, then climbs Brush Ridge to join Brush Ridge Trail to a connector trail to Chestnut Spring Trail and finally ends on Broad Mountain Road.

Lakeview Trail

0.25 mile, yellow blazes, more difficult hiking

This short trail is a nice walk around the lake with some great photo opportunities. Beginning on the west side of the lake dam breast, the trail climbs along the side of Brush Ridge under a closed canopy of trees with window openings offering views of the lake. At the upper end of the lake, a flat, gravel walking trail returns to the day use area at the beach.

Lorence Trail

1.2 miles, yellow blazes, more difficult hiking

From Monsell Trail, Lorence Trail steadily climbs to intersect Turkey Trail in Rothrock State Forest.

Monsell Trail

1 mile, yellow blazes, more difficult hiking

Beginning at the trail parking area across PA 305 from the park office, hikers should follow Standing Stone Trail for a short distance. Monsell Trail then climbs the hill past the church, through the remnants of an old pine plantation and past charcoal hearths. The trail returns to the day use area along the campground road and a gravel service road through the day use area, returning to the parking lot.

Moore Trail

0.5 mile, green blazes, easiest hiking

This loop begins at Picnic Pavilion #6 and meanders up and down the bottom of a mountain. Hikers can enjoy a wide variety of trees, ferns, and wildflowers. At the top of the hill, the trail shares the path with Monsell Trail before dropping back to its beginning.

Tramway Trail

This trail follows the old mule-drawn railroad that once hauled iron ore from the ore banks and mines to the furnace. Starting at the campground entrance road near the park cemetery, this trail follows PA 305. Hikers can return to the park by Tramway Trail or follow Dixon Trail to Brush Ridge Trail to return to the park.*

Viantown Trail

2.75 miles, blue blazes, more difficult hiking

This trail was an old wagon road that linked Greenwood Furnace to Viantown. The trail begins on the far side of the dam and passes the site of the Travellers Inn as it crosses Brush Ridge to Broad Mountain Road.*

Standing Stone Trail

72 miles (1 miles in the park), orange blazes, most difficult hiking

Part of the Great Eastern Trail System, this trail offers a challenging experience for seasoned hikers. Standing Stone Trail connects in the north to the Mid State Trail. In the south, the trail connects to Cowans Gap State Park, the Tuscarora Trail, and the Appalachian Trail.

The Stone Valley Vista Loop begins at the trail parking area across PA 305 from the park office. Standing Stone Trail climbs steadily for two miles up the spine of Stone Mountain to the Stone Valley Vista. For a 5-mile loop, hikers continue on the Standing Stone Trail to the four-way intersection and take the right turn onto Turkey Trail, which descends switchbacks.

Hikers then take the right turn onto Lorence Trail, and then right on Monsell Trail, returning to the trail parking lot. For a steeper climb, start on Monsell Trail and follow the directions in the opposite direction!*

* Please refer to the Rothrock State Forest Public Use Map for all trails that are on state forest lands.