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Hunting at Tuscarora State Forest

Hunting, particularly for deer and turkey, is extremely popular in the Tuscarora State Forest.

The Amberson Ridge Limited Access Buck Hunting Area provides a 6,000-acre area of unique hunting where all motorized vehicles are prohibited except for those used by hunters with disabilities with special permits.

The squirrel population fluctuates with the success of the acorn crop, while the grouse population is usually low. Special wildlife habitat improvement projects continue to increase the game and non-game populations.

Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), which is an always fatal disease to deer and elk, has been detected in all or portions of Tuscarora State Forest.

Hunters should be aware of special rules and regulations that apply to deer harvested within the Disease Management Area (DMA). It is recommended that those deer be tested for the disease.

To learn more about chronic wasting disease in state forests, please download the Chronic Wasting Disease in State Forests fact sheet (PDF).

More information about CWD can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture websites. In addition, the Pennsylvania Game Commission provides information about deer processors in the DMA.