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Hiking in Tuscarora State Forest

Tuscarora Trail

The Tuscarora Trail is the northern portion of an extensive 220-mile bypass route of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Approximately 23 miles of this hiking trail cross the Tuscarora State Forest. Backpack camping is permitted along the state forest portion, and a rustic, open-faced shelter is located along the trail in Fowlers Hollow.

Tunnel Trail

The Tunnel Trail, one mile in length, leads to the ruins of two narrow-gauge railroads. A display case containing information about those railroads is located at the trailhead in Big Spring State Park.

Iron Horse Trail

The Iron Horse Trail provides a 10-mile loop hiking trail between Big Spring State Park and the Eby Cemetery along PA Route 274. This trail follows the grade of the Perry Lumber Company and the Path Valley railroads.

An additional 167 miles of short, local hiking trails are located throughout the Tuscarora. The majority of these trails have signs at the starting and terminal points. Most of the trail maintenance is done by volunteers.