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Nearby Parks 

Worlds End State Park

This beautiful state park can serve as a base camp for experiencing the pleasures of the Loyalsock Trail and the Loyalsock State Forest. Worlds End was first known as “Whirls End” due to the park’s location at a narrow s-shaped gorge in Loyalsock Creek where the stream careens off a sheer rock wall and then continues its journey at a right angle to the original course. This seven hundred and eighty acre state park is nestled within the forest and has rustic rental cabins and facilities for camping. The park also features swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

Ricketts Glen State Park

This gorgeous state park is a stone’s throw from the Loyalsock State Forest. The park is named for Colonel R.B. Ricketts, a Civil War veteran, who donated a large portion of the Park. The Falls Trail within the park offers visitors a truly memorable experience. The trail traverses the Glens Natural Area and passes by 22 named waterfalls which range in height from 10 feet to 94 feet. Lake Jean is a 245 acre lake complete with beach, bath houses and canoe and kayak access and rental. Rustic rental cabins are available as well as facilities for RV and tent camping. At over 13,000 acres it is one of the largest state parks in the Commonwealth with lots of unique experiences to offer.