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Loyalsock State Forest Advisories

Loyalsock Closures Due to COVID-19

Please see the DCNR alert details regarding state forest closures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The Resource Management Center is open for general business but continues to be closed to public entry.

Camping and Fuelwood Permits

Remote fulfillment of camping and fuelwood permits can be accommodated by contacting the Loyalsock State Forest District office. Relevant forms will be provided and electronically submitted via email.

Avoid Active Construction Zones

State forest visitors are reminded that it is unlawful and dangerous to enter active construction zones. Construction zones are clearly defined and public entry is prohibited. Construction work areas include:

  • Pleasant Stream Road
  • Mill Creek Road
  • Camels Road

Bodine Mountain Road Closure

January 9, 2019: The north end of Bodine Mountain Road (starting at Heylman Trail), is closed until further notice due to construction.

Loyalsock Trail Advisory

Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) is constructing a natural gas pipeline from its well pad on Allegheny Ridge (Little Bear area of Loyalsock State Forest) along portions of the Bryan Hay Trail, and a small section of the Loyalsock Trail -- east of mile marker 3.38, and then south on an old logging road to a destination on private land.

The 50-foot wide clearing is directly adjacent to the Loyalsock Trail for approximately 100 yards. Trail markers are located on the north side of the opening.

Hikers should use caution when traversing this area and avoid construction equipment.

The forest district is working with the Alpine Club of Williamsport and PGE to assess and resolve potential long-term impacts to this section of the trail, extending to mile marker 1.95, in totality rather than piecemeal as PGE’s operation moves forward.

General Road Closures

Unplanned road closures for maintenance activities and weather emergencies can occur throughout the year, so calling or emailing in advance of your visit to the Loyalsock State Forest is always a good idea. Contact the Resource Management Center for updates at 570-946-4049.

Other road maintenance projects which don't require a road closure also occur throughout the year. For your safety and the safety of our workers, please observe and obey traffic signage.

Flood Damaged Area

Map of the Flood Damaged Area and Roads Closed to Motor Vehicles (PDF)

Lycoming and Sullivan Counties -- Roads closed to motor vehicles include:

Pleasant Stream Road is closed except for the section referred to as Upper Pleasant Stream Road, from Masten upstream to Dry Run Road (Fox Township).

The section from Route 14 to Long Run is under construction with expected finish date in September, 2021.

From Long Run to Masten, the road is under construction with expected finish date of June, 2021.

Walker Road and Mill Creek Road are expected to be open on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Don’t Move Firewood

To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances. Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer and spotted lanternfly. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it, and be sure to burn it all in the locale where it was cut or bought.