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The Elk State Forest offers some of the best opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced hikers to enjoy Pennsylvania’s remote and scenic woodlands. Currently, there are 17 featured trails on the state forest.

Our two premier trails are Bucktail Path and Quehanna Trail. Bucktail Path begins near Sizerville State Park and extends southward approximately 34 miles to the village of Sinnemahoning. The trail can be traversed in short sections, if desired, providing both an enjoyable experience for the beginning hiker and a challenging one for the veteran. Individuals hiking this trail can observe both northern hardwood and oak hickory forest types.  The Quehanna Trail, located in the southern part of Cameron County, loops though the Quehanna Wild Area and surrounding state forest land, covering approximately 17 miles on the Elk State Forest. The trail continues into the Moshannon State Forest for another 58 miles.

Other hiking trails of special note in the district are: Fred Woods Trail, a 4.57 mile trail leads hikers to a unique area of large boulders and scenic vistas; Pine Tree Trail, a 1.75 mile self-guided interpretive hike winds through Pine Tree Natural Area; Elk Trail, traverses 15.8 miles of old logging railroad grades, pipelines, logging roads, and trails. Hikers have an opportunity to view free-roaming elk in their eastern habitat along this trail. Lower Jerry Run Natural Area Trail is a 1.1-mile trail that takes you into the headwaters of Lower Jerry Run and the Lower Jerry Run Natural Area, which contains old growth white pine and eastern hemlock.

The Sizerville Nature Trail is a self-guided trail located on state forest land across from Sizerville State Park. A brochure describing numbered sights along the trail is available at the district office and at the trail head.

The Brooks Run Area of Elk State Forest offers ten hiking trails: Square timber Trail 7.4 miles; Lick Island Camp Loop 1.8 miles; Lick Island Trail 2.4 miles; Ridge Trail 6.0 miles; Game Refuge Trail 2.5 miles; Joe King Trail 4.2 miles; Phins Trail 2.9 miles; Big Run Trail 3.7 miles; Big Flat Trail 5.15 miles; Pepperhill Trail 6.4 miles.