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Snowmobiling in Bald Eagle State Forest

Bald Eagle State Forest has about 250 miles of state forest roads and trails open for snowmobiling.

The Bald Eagle State Forest Snowmobile Trail Map (PDF) shows the location of the roads and 14 access areas. Snowmobile trail maps are also available from the district office.

Properly registered snowmobiles may be operated on these roads following the official closing of antlerless deer season until April 1 or earlier as determined by the district forester.

For safety and navigating, recreationists in Bald Eagle State Forest should understand the color-coded trail blazes posted on district trails.

The Bald Eagle State Forest Trail Blaze Guide (PDF) explains the meanings of the shapes and colors of encountered blazes.

Additional information on snowmobiling can be found on DCNR’s snowmobiling web page.