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Horseback Riding in Bald Eagle State Forest

Horses may be ridden on most state forest roads and trails within Bald Eagle State Forest, except for:

  •  The Mid State Hiking Trail
  • District hiking trails (mapped and blazed yellow)
  • Within state forest natural areas

Some trails are very steep or rocky, and their use may be limited or unsuitable for riding.

Central Mountains Share Use Trail

The Central Mountains Shared Use Trail (PDF), a group of interconnected trails totaling 120 miles and developed for non-motorized use (bike, hike, horseback) is recommended for this activity.

The trail is located in the northern third of Bald Eagle State Forest and southern Tiadaghton State Forest.

The trail maps show labeled trail/road segment distances to help users plan loops. These maps can be obtained from the district office.

Trail Blaze Guide

For safety and navigating, recreationists in Bald Eagle State Forest should understand the color-coded trail blazes posted on district trails.

The Bald Eagle State Forest Trail Blaze Guide (PDF) explains the meanings of the shapes and colors of encountered blazes.

Motorized Camping

Bald Eagle State Forest motorized campsites #2 and #12 are favorites among horseback riders. For more information, please go to the Bald Eagle State Forest Camping page.

Explore additional opportunities and information about equine use on the DCNR Horseback Riding page