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​​Hiking at Worlds End State Park

20 miles of trails

The more than 20 miles of hiking trails of Worlds End State Park are mostly rocky with steep sections that climb the surrounding mountains. Hikers should wear proper footgear and be extra cautious in the winter and spring when trail surfaces can be frozen or icy.

Worlds End State Park Trail Map (PDF)

Trail Definitions

Difficulty Ratings

Easiest -- For beginner trail users. Grade is gentle with few obstacles.
More Difficult -- For the majority of trail users. Grade is steeper and trails narrower with embedded rocks or roots on the trail surface.
Most Difficult -- For trail users with advanced skills. Grade is steep and provides a definite physical challenge. Routes may not be well marked. Elevation gain or loss is severe.

Trail Route Type

Loop -- Start and end at the same location and follow a single trail to form a loop.
Out-and-back -- Start and end at a trailhead and follow a single trail to an endpoint or specific point of interest, then return along the same route.
Point-to-point -- Trails are generally longer in distance and parks may often contain only a portion of the trail within their boundary. Hiker starts and ends in different locations, often requiring a shuttle.
Connector -- Begin and end in connection with another trail or trails but do not terminate at a trailhead.

Butternut Trail

0.83 miles in the park, 2.43 miles total  |   More difficult hiking  |   Loop trail   |   Orange blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: picnic tables

This 2.43-mile, lollipop-shaped trail originates off Cabin Bridge Road, just east of the bridge. The trail splits and makes a loop through a northern hardwood forest in Loyalsock State Forest. Lower Road travels parallel to and above Loyalsock Creek and crosses Butternut Run, an intermittent stream. Upper Road travels an old logging road. Butternut Vista offers a view of the Loyalsock Valley above and downstream of the park campground.

Canyon Vista Trail

4.0 miles  |   More difficult hiking  |   Loop trail   |   Blue blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

This trail explores the eastern half of the park and rewards hikers with a spectacular view of the Loyalsock Creek Gorge from its vista, at an elevation of 1750 feet. Be sure to explore the blocky maze of the Rock Garden adjacent to the vista.

Double Run Nature Trail

0.29 mile in the park, 1.2 miles total  |   More difficult hiking  |   Loop trail   |   Green blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: benches

This 1.2-mile trail begins and ends on PA 154 across from the park chapel. In Loyalsock State Forest, it travels through rich, fertile woodlands along the west branch of Double Run, which has waterfalls and pools.

High Rock Trail

1.0 mile  |   Most difficult hiking  |   Out-and-back trail   |   Red blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: picnic tables

This steep trail begins at the east side of the Cabin Bridge. An elevation gain of several hundred feet is made as the trail crosses the intermittent High Rock Run and climbs upward through a maze of lichen-encrusted rocks and boulders to reach High Rock Vista. The trail descends through mountain laurel and hardwoods to PA 154 north of the park entrance. Please be safe and stay on the trail.

Link Trail

2.08 miles in the park, 7 miles total  |   More difficult hiking  |   Out-and-back trail   |   Yellow circle marker with red X
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: modern restrooms, potable water, picnic tables, benches

Beginning behind the park office building, the 7-mile trail runs adjacent to Loyalsock Creek and then meanders through the rich and fertile woodland alongside the cascading Double Run. After steep ascent to Loyalsock Canyon Vista, the trail continues through Loyalsock State Forest to intersect Loyalsock Trail at Rock Run Road (mile 55.33). When combined with the Loyalsock Trail, it is possible to make a 16.2-mile loop.

Loyalsock Trail (LT)

4.47 miles in the park, 59 miles total  |   More difficult hiking  |   Point-to-point trail   |   Yellow circle marker with red LT
Recreations permitted: hiking, backpacking
Trailhead amenities: none

This trail follows the mountain ridges and streams of the Loyalsock watershed. This 59.21-mile rugged trail runs from PA 87 near Loyalsockville to US 220 north of Laporte. It passes through the park as it travels through Loyalsock State Forest on footpaths, old logging roads, and abandoned railroad grades.

Detailed maps are available for purchase at the park office, which is at mile post 45.9 of the LT. Further information may be obtained from the Alpine Club of Williamsport.

Worlds End Trail

3.2 miles in the park, 3.25 miles total  |   More difficult hiking  |   Out-and-back trail   |   Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: picnic tables, benches

This 3.25-mile trail begins at the park office and ascends a steep mountainside to arrive at Worlds End Vista, overlooking the park beach. It then crosses Pioneer Road and ascends into the state forest to connect with Loyalsock Trail at mile 37.77, within Coal Mine Road Loop. When combined with LT, it is possible to make an 11.5-mile loop.