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The harvesting of “ramps” or any other plant in PA State Parks and Forests is prohibited by Park/Forest Rules & Regulations.  The park/preserve has seen an increase in the number of visitors attempting to harvest ramps.

PA State Park Rules and Regulations prohibit the cutting, picking, digging, damaging or removing in whole or in part, a living or dead tree, shrub or plant.  Also prohibited is damaging, defacing, cutting or removing rock, shale, sand, clay, soil or other mineral product, natural object or material.

PA State Park Regulations permit gathering edible fruits, nuts, berries and fungi, in reasonable amounts for one’s own personal or family consumption.  This permission does not apply to wild plants listed in Chapter 45 – relating to conservation of PA native wild plants as threatened, endangered, rare or vulnerable.

The goal of sharing this information is to avoid any possible violations of State Park Rules and Regulations along with preserving wild ramps located in Ridley Creek State Park & White Clay Creek Preserve.

Warning: The spotted lanternfly has invaded our area. This invasive insect could cause serious harm to Pennsylvania’s resources, businesses, and economy. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAVE! Help us stop the spread of these unwelcome hitchhikers. Inspect your vehicle, camper, tent, gear, etc. before you leave the park and destroy any lanternflies you find. For more information, visit the Penn State Extension’s Spotted Lanternfly website.

Hunting: The new section of White Clay Creek Preserve (formerly the Strawbridge property) will allow the same type of hunting as the rest of the Big Elk Section of the Preserve on the opposite side of Strickersville Road.  Specifically, deer hunting only, utilizing archery equipment, shotgun and muzzleloader during all seasons open to deer hunting.  All PA Game Commission and State Park Rules & Regulations also apply. Springlawn Trail specifically will be closed during firearms season.

White Clay Creek Preserve

The 3,212-acre White Clay Creek Preserve is in southern Chester County, three miles north of Newark, Delaware. The White Clay Creek Valley, which forms the core of the preserve, varies from steep to gradually falling terrain with some flat bottomlands, all drained by the creek. White Clay Creek Preserve shares boundary with White Clay Creek State Park of Delaware.

Because White Clay Creek posses outstanding scenic, wildlife, recreational, and cultural value, it has been designated by Congress as a National Wild and Scenic River, and shall be preserved in free-flowing condition for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Seasons and Hours

White Clay Creek Preserve is managed for low-intensity recreational day use activities throughout the year. Day use areas close at dusk. Contact the Ridley Creek State Park office for facility seasons and hours.

This map shows the park in Pennsylvania.


The park is reached via PA 896, 11 miles south of the Forrestville/New London exit of US 1.

GPS DD: Lat. 39.7468, Long. -75.77422

This circular map shows the roads near the park.

Access for People with Disabilities

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.

In an Emergency

Call 911 and contact an employee.

Directions to the nearest hospital are posted on bulletin boards.

Nearest Hospital

Christiana Hospital
4600 New Linden Hill Road Ste 202
Wilmington, DE 19808

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​Explore White Clay Creek Preserve

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White Clay Creek Preserve