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​Master Planning for White Clay Creek Preserve

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’s Bureau of State Parks -- in partnership with the National Park Service and the Friends of White Clay Creek Preserve -- has begun a multi-year planning process to develop a new master site plan for the 2,000-acre original preserve along with the newer 1,700-acre Big Elk Creek Section of the park.

This unique complex of open space is located in a highly-developed part of the state with growing pressures for outdoor recreation.

The goal of this planning process is to balance recreational opportunities with conservation of the natural and cultural resources within the park, while also viewing the park lands in a regional context with adjacent Delaware and Maryland state parks and other nearby conserved properties.

Public Input Opportunities

An important first step in the planning process is the collection of all past and present information related to the properties, including:

  • Ecological
  • Past and present human uses
  • Surrounding land uses
  • Other factors that could have an impact on decisions made for the new plan

Local knowledge is extremely valuable for this step, and the public is currently being invited to contribute information that might prove useful.

A public workshop, held December 15, 2021, provided an update of the planning process and an overview of the information that had been collected to date.

A recording of the two-hour workshop can be viewed from the link below, and includes presentations about various aspects of the park’s natural and cultural history, along with a public information sharing and discussion session.

White Clay Creek Preserve Community Workshop - December 15, 2021

The White Clay Creek Preserve park manager, Alexa Rose, will continue to collect information from the public, which will be incorporated into a “Foundation Document” that is due to be completed by late fall 2022.

DCNR will then begin the next step of working with stakeholders and the interested public to develop a set of draft planning documents for the park, including proposed recreational facilities (such as trails and parking lots), and resource management prescriptions (for natural and cultural resources).

Please send pertinent information soon for inclusion in the Foundation Document or suggestions of additional resource people for the park to contact to:

White Clay Creek Preserve
405 Sharpless Road
Landenberg, PA 19350-0172

Future updates about this planning process, along with draft documents for public review and comment, will be made available on this web page.