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Hiking at Tyler State Park

25 miles

Park trails lead visitors through areas rich in historic and scenic interest. The trails provide excellent views of the park and surrounding countryside and can be used for short walks or long hikes covering many miles. Several parking lots near the outer perimeter of the park allow access to remote areas and trails.

A large portion of the park is interconnected by paved hiking trails. Bicycle usage is permitted only on designated paved trails. Many trails permit multiple users, so please remember to share the trail.

Gravel hiking trails east of Neshaminy Creek connect the picnic areas. Access to trails on the western side of the park is available via the causeway across Neshaminy Creek. Here you will find most of the park’s bicycle and equestrian trails. Mountain bikes are prohibited on non-paved trails.

If you ever find yourself lost or disoriented, locate a paved trail and follow the signs to the boathouse.

Biking and equestrian trails may also be used for hiking. Please yield to horses on trails.

Hiking Only

Nature Trail

1 mile, white blazes, more difficult hiking

This hiking-only trail traverses Porter Run Creek and offers excellent views of geological features such as rock outcrops and large boulders. Discover large mature oak trees, old growth tulip poplar, and native mountain laurel. The trail starts and finishes at the western side of the causeway near the boathouse.