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Wildlife Watching at Susquehannock State Park

Overlooks are great places to see birds from an unusual angle -- from above! Bald eagles, osprey, and the more common turkey and black vultures regularly patrol the sky by the Hawk Point Overlook.

Spring and fall are peak seasons for bird migrations and the park can provide great views of migrating:

  • Hawks
  • Gulls
  • Eagles
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Swans
  • Songbirds
  • Shorebirds

Many islands can be seen from the Hawk Point Overlook, including Mount Johnson Island, the world’s first bald eagle sanctuary. From the overlook, the island is downstream on the far left.

Mount Johnson Island featured nesting eagles for many years. Currently, eagles nest on an island just upstream from the overlook.

Conejohela Flats, an internationally recognized migratory shorebird resting area, is a few miles upstream from Hawk Point. As many as 38 species of shorebirds feed and rest on the flats before continuing their journeys to their breeding grounds, which can be as far north as the Arctic Circle, or wintering grounds in Central and South America.

The Conejohela Flats has been designated an Important Bird Area by the Pennsylvania Audubon Society.