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Wildlife Watching at Samuel S. Lewis State Park

Scenic View

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The 885-foot Mount Pisgah is the highest point in the area and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding Susquehanna River Valley, including surrounding towns and fertile farmlands. Near Hilltop Pavilion, a wayside panel and coin-operated viewing scope allow visitors to view and identify various points of interest along the river valley.

Mt. Pisgah offers an uninterrupted view of the stars. Local clubs and organizations frequently hold star gazing events for the public.

The natural and scenic backdrop provides a popular site for weddings. Contact the park office for more information about planning a wedding in the park.

George E. Stine Arboretum

This arboretum was created before the land became a state park. European beech, persimmon, concolor fir, English yew, and several other unique species still remain. A few of these trees are identified with metal plaques. The arboretum has been severely damaged by storms and high winds. The park plans to plant new trees in the arboretum.

Geology Brochure

The Trail of Geology 17 - Samuel S. Lewis State Park Guide (PDF) has detailed information about the geology of the area.