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Picnicking at Pymatuning State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

Picnic tables are available in many areas. Jamestown and Linesville beaches have ADA accessible picnic sites complete with grill and table.

There are 10 picnic pavilions that may be reserved up to 11 months in advance for a fee.

Linesville Pavilion #8 is near the Linesville Beach and Espyville Pavilion #13 is at the Espyville Launch.

The other pavilions are located throughout the Jamestown day use area. From the southeast moving clockwise on the map is:

  • Ackerman Pavilion #9
  • Spruce Hill Pavilion #2
  • Weir Pavilion #1
  • Carp Point Pavilion #3
  • Ball Field Pavilion #10
  • Bay View Pavilion #4
  • Westinghouse Pavilion #5
  • Main Beach Pavilion #11

Unreserved picnic pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pets in day-use areas must be kept on a leash or safely restrained, and are prohibited in swimming areas and some overnight areas.

Make a picnic pavilion reservation at Pymatuning State Park.