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Hiking at Promised Land State Park

50 miles of trails

There are approximately 50 miles of hiking trails in Promised Land State Park and the surrounding Delaware State Forest. Splendid opportunities exist for nature study, relaxation, and exploration. You can:

  • Hike Bruce Lake Trail to a natural glacial lake
  • See the small waterfalls along Little Falls Trail
  • Walk a loop around Conservation Island -- a self-guided trail guide to Conservation Island can be obtained at the park office

The trails lead through areas rich in historic and scenic interest. This is especially true from mid-May until mid-June when the native mountain laurel and rhododendron are in bloom. Lowbush and highbush blueberries usually ripen during late July. Fall foliage usually peaks during early October.

Hiking Reminders

  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all hiking trails; except snowmobiles, which are allowed only on designated snowmobile trails
  • Pets are permitted on trails, but must be on a leash of 6 feet or less at all times
  • Before hiking, let someone know where you are going and when you will return
  • Take a map, stay on established trails, and plan to return before dusk
  • Wear proper attire and footwear when hiking
  • Be aware of hunting seasons and hunting areas within the park and wear fluorescent orange clothing during hunting seasons

Trail Signing System

Designated recreational trails are all marked with vertical blue blazes. At each trail intersection, a sign designates the:

  • Trail name
  • Intersection number
  • Trail uses
  • Emergency route
  • Distances
  • Directions
  • Other pertinent information

Permitted trail usage is designated by international symbols. Any other markings are not relevant to this trail system. Additional trail information and descriptions are available at the park office.