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Wildlife Watching at Penn-Roosevelt State Park

Wildlife is abundant in the area. The alert observer may see:

  • White-tailed deer
  • Black bear
  • Wild turkey
  • Many species of small game

Feeding wild animals such as bears, raccoons, and skunks is prohibited. When wildlife loses its fear of people, dangerous situations can result.

The small lake at the confluence of Sassafras Run and Standing Stone Creek is not stocked, but there are wily, native brook trout. The stream below the dam is stocked in the spring. Wading is permitted in the lake and stream; swimming is not.

On quiet evenings, muskrats can be seen on the lake and an occasional duck, goose, or eagle visits from time to time. Trapping is prohibited.

Common Birds of Penn-Roosevelt State Park

The common birds brochure lists the birds most likely to be seen in the park and in which habitat:

Common Birds of Penn-Roosevelt State Park (PDF)