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Hiking at Neshaminy State Park

4 miles of trails

Logan Walk

0.57 mile

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

This is the original drive to the former Robert Logan home, which has been removed. The tree-lined walk is used by visitors for numerous recreational activities and serves as a park service road. The walk is paved and ADA accessible.

River Walk Trail

0.92 mile

This trail follows the shoreline and gives views of the river with its boating traffic and also explores the tidal marsh.

The River Walk brochure compares the past to the present and describes some of the river inhabitants like sturgeon, shad, and eel. Puzzles help children explore the estuary, river, and tidal marsh. This self-guiding brochure is available at the park office.

Eagles Forest Trail

0.4 mile

This trail allows visitors to explore and learn about the Philadelphia Eagles’ “Go Green” initiative and the importance of healthy forests and healthy habitat.

Interior Park Trails

The following trails explore the interior of the park and are a great way to discover animals and plants:

  • Oak Lane -- 0.22 mile
  • Locust Lane -- 0.58 mile
  • Beaver Lane -- 0.29 mile
  • Buck Alley -- 0.26 mile

Pool, Playground, And Picnic Trails

The following trails provide access to the pool, playground, and picnic areas within the park.

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. All of East Walk and part of West Walk are ADA accessible.

  • East Walk -- 0.17 mile
  • West Walk -- 0.17 mile
  • South Walk -- 0.24 mile
  • Playground Road -- 0.14 mile
  • Winks Lane -- 0.44 mile