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Hiking at Little Pine State Park

10.77 miles of trails

There are also many miles of trails in the adjacent Tiadaghton State Forest.

Little Pine State Park Trail Map (PDF)

Trail Definitions

Difficulty Ratings

Easiest -- For beginner trail users. Grade is gentle with few obstacles.
More Difficult -- For the majority of trail users. Grade is steeper and trails narrower with embedded rocks or roots on the trail surface.
Most Difficult -- For trail users with advanced skills. Grade is steep and provides a definite physical challenge. Routes may not be well marked. Elevation gain or loss is severe.

Trail Route Type

Loop -- Start and end at the same location and follow a single trail to form a loop.
Out-and-back -- Start and end at a trailhead and follow a single trail to an endpoint or specific point of interest, then return along the same route.
Point-to-point -- Trails are generally longer in distance and parks may often contain only a portion of the trail within their boundary. Hiker starts and ends in different locations, often requiring a shuttle.
Connector -- Begin and end in connection with another trail or trails but do not terminate at a trailhead.

Button Ball Trail

0.5 mile  |  More difficult hiking  |  Loop trail  |  Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking, cross-country skiing recommended, snowshoeing recommended
Trailhead amenities: modern restroom, potable water, picnic tables

This creekside trail provides convenient stream access for anglers or a nice short hike for those that want to enjoy a walk by Little Pine Creek without having to travel far from the campground. 

Carsontown Trail

0.88 mile  |  Easiest hiking  |  Loop trail  |  Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

This family-friendly trail provides hikers of all skill levels the opportunity to take a leisurely hike through the woods and meander along a section of Little Pine Creek. 

Lake Shore Trail

5.5 miles  |  More difficult hiking  |  Loop trail  |  Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing recommended
Trailhead amenities: benches

The trail parallels the lake under the cover of forest before entering the fields north of the reservoir. The variety of trail surfaces and habitat options make this an engaging and diverse hike for birding and wildlife watching. 

Mid State Trail

1.7 miles in the park, 327 miles total  |  Most difficult hiking  |  Point-to-point trail  |  Orange blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking, backpacking
Trailhead amenities: none

This 327-mile backpacking trail, which goes from Bedford County to Tioga County, passes through the park. In places, the Mid State Trail and park trails run along the same path. This trail is steep and narrow in places, but well defined and marked.

People backpacking along the Mid State Trail may leave a vehicle in the second car parking lot of the campground, providing they notify park personnel. Name, address, proposed route, and expected return date are requested.

Panther Run Trail

2.12 miles in the park, 2.9 miles total  |  Most difficult hiking  |  Out-and-back trail  |  Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

This rugged and challenging 2.9-mile trail affords hikers the opportunity to observe natural rock ledges, wildlife, and scenic views of Little Pine Creek Valley from the state park and continuing into Tiadaghton State Forest.  

Spikebuck Hollow Trail

1.0 mile  |  Most difficult hiking  |  Connector trail  |  Yellow or pink blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

The trail travels though a mature forest, rock outcroppings, and flagstone. A wide variety of trees and plants can be seen along the trail.