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Hiking at Linn Run State Park

6.25 miles of trails

Many of Linn Run’s hiking trails connect to many miles of trails in Forbes State Forest.

Mountain bikes are prohibited on hiking trails in Linn Run State Park, but are permitted on designated trails in Forbes State Forest.

Adam Falls Trail

1-mile loop

This trail features a mountain waterfall tucked in among rhododendron and hemlock. This very rocky trail passes by large boulders.

Flat Rock Trail


This trail ends at a large, smooth rock in the stream Linn Run. Swimming is prohibited in this area. Please be cautious, the rocks are very slippery!

Grove Run Trail

4-mile loop

This loop starts with a gentle slope behind the Grove Run Picnic Area and becomes progressively steeper. Part of this trail follows Grove Run.

Iscrupe Trail


This trail follows the original Linn Run Road and was used by early visitors to the Adams Falls Picnic Area.