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Hiking at Lehigh Gorge State Park

33 miles of trails

Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail Map (PDF)

Trail Definitions

Difficulty Ratings

Easiest -- For beginner trail users. Grade is gentle with few obstacles.
More Difficult -- For the majority of trail users. Grade is steeper and trails narrower with embedded rocks or roots on the trail surface.
Most Difficult -- For trail users with advanced skills. Grade is steep and provides a definite physical challenge. Routes may not be well marked. Elevation gain or loss is severe.

Trail Route Type

Loop -- Start and end at the same location and follow a single trail to form a loop.
Out-and-back -- Start and end at a trailhead and follow a single trail to an endpoint or specific point of interest, then return along the same route.
Point-to-point -- Trails are generally longer in distance and parks may often contain only a portion of the trail within their boundary. Hiker starts and ends in different locations, often requiring a shuttle.
Connector -- Begin and end in connection with another trail or trails but do not terminate at a trailhead.

Bald Mountain Loop Trail

8.5 miles  |  More difficult hiking  |  Loop trail  |  Blue blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

Travel to the top of Bald Mountain. Along the way, there are a few scenic views of the Lehigh Gorge and Lehigh River.

Lehigh Gorge Trail

26 miles  |  Easiest hiking  |  Point-to-point trail  |  No blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking, biking, snowmobiling (on a section)
Trailhead amenities: modern restrooms, potable water, picnic tables, benches

The gravel Lehigh Gorge Trail travels along the scenic Lehigh River and is a part of the larger 165-mile D&L Trail. The trail offers opportunities to see waterfalls, wildlife, and historic remnants of the Upper Grand Section of the Lehigh Canal.

For planning an adventure along the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail:

  • A Lehigh Gorge State Park map (PDF) may be picked up at the Hickory Run State Park Visitor Center and Office, or seasonally is stocked at park access areas.
  • Since Lehigh Gorge is a linear park, access points are far apart. Plan to shuttle or return to where you started. Keep in mind that there is a 2% uphill grade as you travel north.
  • Potable water is available seasonally at the Rockport and White Haven access areas.
  • Restrooms are at Rockport, White Haven, and Glen Onoko access areas. 
  • The gorge is a natural area that possesses natural hazards like steep and treacherous terrain and fast-moving water. You are responsible for your safety and that of your family.
  • Respect other trail users including wildlife that you may encounter by giving them space.

Vista Trail

0.8 mile  |  More difficult hiking  |  Loop trail  |  Yellow blazes
Recreations permitted: hiking
Trailhead amenities: none

Access this loop trail from the Bald Mountain Loop Trail for more scenic views of the Lehigh Gorge and Lehigh River.

Prepare for a Safe Hike

For every hike, even on trails less than a mile -- Always carry water, a park map, and wear appropriate footwear. Cell phones are unreliable in the forest and are not an alternative to a paper map.

For longer adventures -- Pack high-energy snacks, more water, and layers for changing weather conditions. Stay well fueled and hydrated for a more enjoyable experience.

Before embarking on your next adventure, consider:

  • Trail length, trail difficulty, and fitness level of your group -- On the park map, most trail lengths are one-way. Double the trail length to return to the starting location.
  • Weather forecast -- Be aware of possible upcoming weather and pack accordingly.
  • Time of day -- The park closes at sunset. Plan to leave the park well before sunset.
  • Have a plan B -- Be flexible! Sometimes changing to a better day or a different trail results in a safer experience.