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Hiking at Laurel Hill State Park

15 miles of trails

Most trails are wide, easily followed, and blazed in yellow. Routed signs are posted at intersections of various trails.

Beltz Trail

2.75 miles, more difficult hiking

Beltz Trail follows an old road grade and provides access to many of the park’s trails as well as several on Forbes State Forest.

Bobcat Trail

1 mile, most difficult hiking

The most remote trail, this very steep path is not recommended for the beginning hiker. To avoid most inclines, hikers should start from Beltz Trail.

Copper Kettle Trail

1 mile, easiest hiking

This new, family-friendly bike trail meanders along the western shoreline of Laurel Hill Lake. It connects Old Mill Picnic Area and the beach area, provides excellent fishing access, and allows you to explore the park without using your vehicle.

Hemlock Trail

1.2 miles, more difficult hiking

Narrow at times and running along steep banks at places, this trail loops through the six-acre natural area. Hemlock Trail Natural Area is a stand of old growth eastern hemlock trees along the banks of Laurel Hill Creek.

Lake Trail

1.75 miles, most difficult hiking

This scenic trail winds along Laurel Hill Creek and follows the eastern shore of Laurel Hill Lake. This steep, narrow, sloping path is slippery in places and is the park’s most difficult trail.

Martz Trail

1 mile, easiest hiking

This wide trail passes through a number of forest ecosystems and provides the widest variety of tree species during fall foliage.

Pumphouse Trail

1.6 miles, easiest hiking

A slow, gradual incline leads from the Pumphouse Trail Parking Lot along a wide path to the Jones Mill Run Dam. Benches and large rocks provide a resting place where visitors can enjoy this scenic historic site built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Ridge Trail

1.5 miles, more difficult hiking

This wide, grassy trail is often used as a wildlife corridor. It offers the best opportunity for chance encounters with wildlife and viewing animal tracks and signs.

Tram Road Trail

1.7 miles, more difficult hiking

This trail follows the general course of the logging railroad that traversed Laurel Hill State Park and Jones Mill Run in the early 1900s.

Waterline Trail

0.6 mile, more difficult hiking

An uphill grade from the Pumphouse Trail Parking Lot, this trail is perfect for viewing geologic features such as the lepidodendron fossils common to the park.

For a Safe Hike

  • Wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet.
  • Carry the proper safety equipment, like a first aid kit and a poncho.
  • Stay on the trail. If you hike off of the trail, you might get lost or damage the fragile habitat.
  • Carry drinking water. DO NOT drink from streams, springs, or lakes without properly treating the water first.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.