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Hiking at Kinzua Bridge State Park

General Kane Trail

1.6 miles, easiest hiking

The trail begins and ends at the overflow parking area and wanders through hardwood forests of black cherry and maple trees, which have been ravaged and renewed by nature since the 2003 tornado.

The loop trail is named for General Thomas Leiper Kane, the visionary behind Kinzua Bridge. During the Civil War, Kane assembled the famed Bucktail Regiment. He also supported slave rights, and, later, the Latter-day Saint movement as it migrated westward.

Kinzua Creek Trail

0.4 mile (one way), most difficult hiking

This steep and challenging trail should only be attempted by visitors with proper footwear and hiking experience.

The trail begins on the paved walkway to the overlook and switchbacks to the valley bottom, giving close-up views of the supports for the skywalk and spectacular views of the fallen towers. The trail ends at the far side of the footbridge.

Do not enter the debris field. Entrance into the debris field is strictly prohibited.

Hikers must retrace their steps back to the trailhead.

Access to the short trail for the Picture Taking Platform is near the Overlook and the Kinzua Creek Trail trailhead.

CAUTION: Hikers on the Kinzua Creek Trail should be in good physical condition, wear sturdy boots, and use caution due to steep trail sections.

Hiking Safety Guidelines

  • Always wear sturdy boots. Wearing sneakers, sandals, “water shoes,” and “street shoes” can lead to serious accidents.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your hike. Plan to be off the trails well before dark.
  • Let someone know where you are hiking and when you should return.
  • Stay on the trails. Leaving the trail causes damage to unique natural resources, promotes erosion, and can be dangerous.
  • Don’t take shortcuts from one trail section to another. Taking shortcuts down switchbacks is dangerous and causes trail damage.