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Wildlife Watching at Kettle Creek State Park

The remote nature of Kettle Creek State Park makes it a wonderful place to see wildlife. Black bear, white-tailed deer, and wild turkey are common residents. Elk, river otter, and fisher are elusive animals that can be found in the park.

Kettle Creek Reservoir is a beacon for waterfowl, especially during the spring and fall migrations. Loons, grebes, ducks, and gulls use the lake and wetlands as a rest stop. Bald eagle, kingfisher, great blue heron, wood duck, and merganser can be seen year round. Osprey are common summer visitors.

The field and edge habitats of the park are nesting spots for bluebird, indigo bunting, goldfinch, cardinal, and common yellowthroat.

The forests of the park are composed of deciduous hardwoods and a few stands of hemlock and pine. Warblers, vireos, thrushes, and other songbirds nest in the park and can be seen migrating through. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, sparrows, finches, jays, and ravens can be found in the forests, even in winter.

Golden eagles have been spotted cruising the valley in winter.