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Hiking at Hills Creek State Park

5.5 miles of trails

Lake Side Trail

3 miles

Beginning at the entrance to the camping area, this trail follows the lake shore in a westerly direction for about one mile, finally arriving at the Beaver Hut Boating Area. A beaver house plus many signs of beaver activity may be seen in this area.

From the boating area, the trail generally follows the lake shore in a southerly direction for about one mile, ending at the dam breast of Hills Creek Lake. This section of the trail offers an excellent variety of bird life attracted by seeds from white spruce, red-osier dogwood, and viburnums that dominate this moist area.

The trail then parallels the park road through Picnic Area #1 and passes the park office. It ends at a parking lot beyond the gate on the main entrance road, a distance of about 0.5-mile.

Tauschers Trail

1.5 miles

This trail circles the northeast section of the park from the cabin area. It winds through pine plantations, dense stands of alder, and fields containing numerous wildflowers. Wildlife abounds in this section of the park, and it is not uncommon to startle deer or grouse along the trail.

Yellow Birch Trail

1 mile

This trail starts at the entrance to the camping area but travels in an easterly direction for about one mile. Although short in length, this trail leads through a diversity of forest habitats from stands of hardwoods to hemlock swamps and marsh areas. The observant hiker may see a variety of wildlife and animal signs along with interesting tree development.

Northern Extension of the Mid State Trail

The Mid State Trail is a long-distance backpacking trail in central Pennsylvania which passes through the park and connects to the main trail.