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Hiking at Erie Bluffs State Park

5.16 miles of trails

A variety of trails allow visitors to explore much of the park with ease. Former farming roads circle vast open fields and savannas. Wooded paths lead to vistas with scenic views of Lake Erie from atop the 90-foot bluff wall.

Visitors are encouraged to stay on existing trails when possible, and travel on durable surfaces to prevent vegetation damage and erosion.

All of the trails at the park are designated for hiking only. Horseback riding, mountain biking, and ATV use are prohibited.

Black Oak Savanna Trail

0.3 mile, easiest hiking

Where you are walking was once the shoreline of Lake Erie. As the lake receded, it left behind a relict dune that is unique to the area and home to black oak trees. This trail connects to the trails on the western part of the park.

Bluffs Edge Trail

0.39 mile, easiest hiking

The name says it all. This trail takes you along the bluffs edge with wonderful views of Lake Erie 75 to 90 feet below. On clear days the Conneaut Harbor Lighthouse can be seen off to the west.

Duck Run Trail

0.69 mile, easiest hiking

This trail was once a dirt road leading to a boat launch near the mouth of Duck Run. An old growth forest with a thick understory of spicebush grows on the west side of the trail. The remains of a small building used to store commercial fishing nets can be seen along the trail.

Fishermans Footpath

0.13 mile, more difficult hiking

The scenic trail along the western bluff of Elk Creek leads you to the mouth of the creek and provides a bird’s eye view along its western shore. As you approach the mouth, look for the remains of a stone foundation from a former Boy Scout camp.

Lookout Trail

0.22 mile, easiest hiking

As you walk through the old growth forest, take notice of the large oaks, cottonwood, and black cherry trees in the area. The trail winds through the forest toward a scenic lookout over Lake Erie. As you stand at the bluffs edge, you are about 90 feet above the lake.

Timber Trail

0.97 mile, easiest hiking

This interior trail through the heart of Erie Bluffs travels through some of the oldest trees in the region. Part of the trail is an old logging road and very large stumps left from logging many years ago can be seen. This trail is great for birding and wildlife viewing and features many types of plants.

Transition Trail

1.1 miles, easiest hiking

As you walk this trail you will be on the edge of various ecosystems providing the opportunity for great wildlife viewing. This trail offers a loop around the eastern portion of the park.

West Overlook Trail

0.57 mile, more difficult hiking

The eastern side of Duck Run features many eastern hemlocks and an open forest understory. The trail meanders along the edge of the stream to the bluff’s edge where it is a steep walk down to the Lake Erie shoreline.

Whitetail Crossing Trail

0.6 mile, easiest hiking

To the north of the trail is an old farm field, which has been restored as a native plant meadow. This is a great wildlife viewing area for deer and many bird species. Eagles and hawks are seen regularly as they search the open fields for prey.

Wildflower Way

0.19 mile, more difficult hiking

This winding trail climbs the hill and is lined on both sides by many wildflowers, especially in the spring.