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Hiking at Clear Creek State Park

29 miles of trails

Trails begin in the scenic Clear Creek Valley and follow Clear Creek, wandering across the surrounding hillsides to several scenic overlooks and along the Clarion River.

Most trails follow old roads or logging skid paths through second growth, mixed hardwood, and evergreen forests. An understory of mountain laurel and rhododendron bloom during mid-June and early July respectively.

Use the Clear Creek State Park Trail Map (PDF) to help plan your hike.

Big Coon Trail

0.3 mile, easiest hiking

This old logging trail connects Big Coon Picnic Area to Clear Creek Trail.

Big Spring Trail

0.6 mile, easiest hiking

This trail, named for an old spring, has large rocks and many spruce plantings.

Boundary Trail

0.7 mile, more difficult hiking

This short trail connects Hunters and Irish Rock trails, partially following the state park boundary.

White dots and silver medallions marked “Pennsylvania State Park Boundary” signify the boundary between public and private land.

Clear Creek Trail

1.7 miles, easiest hiking

This trail traverses the length of the park and is one of the longest and most popular.

Frazier Trail

0.9 mile, more difficult hiking

Large red oak trees abound along this steep trail that climbs to the top of the hill that towers over Clear Creek.

Hunter Trail

1.2 miles, more difficult hiking

This trail travels through a hardwood forest with mountain laurel and is very popular in the fall and winter.

The steep, long hill on the west side is not for the faint of heart.

Korb Trail

0.4 mile, easiest hiking

Created by anglers walking along Clear Creek, this trail is an easy walk.

North Ridge Trail

0.5 mile, more difficult hiking

This old logging trail travels uphill from the trailhead, crossing Pipeline Trail and intersecting Hunter Trail.

Ox Shoe Trail

1.0 mile, easiest hiking

Learn about the logging history of Clear Creek by using the self-guided trail brochure available at the park office and at the nature museum.

Phyllis Run Trail

2.1 miles, more difficult hiking

The trail starts on Clear Creek Road, goes through Phyllis Run Picnic Area, and climbs a steep grade before leveling off.

Phyllis Run Loop Trail

0.9 miles, more difficult hiking

This trail follows along both sides of Phyllis Run. Watch for running water on the rock fields.

Pipeline Trail

0.91 mile, easiest hiking

Named for the system of springs which piped water to Camp S-53, this wide access trail has a very gentle grade.

Radcliffe Trail

0.8 mile, easiest hiking

Winding through a hardwood and evergreen forest, this trail is named after the first park manager who directed the planting of the spruce tree plantation along the trail.

Ridge Trail

1.9 miles, more difficult hiking

The trail passes through a hardwood forest and follows Truby Stream through an evergreen and hardwood forest.

River Trail and Irish Rock Trail (spur)

0.9 mile, more difficult hiking

River Trail is a loop with a spur trail called Irish Rock Trail.

The trail follows the Clarion River through hardwood, evergreen, and rhododendron forests.

Irish Rock Trail, mostly an old logging road, was named for a rock along the Clarion River used during the lumber era as an evening resting spot to tie up rafts.

Saw Mill Trail

1.3 mile, more difficult hiking

This old logging trail along Truby Stream has a moderate grade for a short distance.

Tadler Run Trail

4.0 miles, more difficult hiking

Traversing through northern hardwoods and mountain laurel, this trail offers two seasonal, scenic overlooks in the fall and spring when the trees are bare.

The trail winds through areas of thick rhododendron and makes a loop that begins and ends in the campground when Truby Trail or Sawmill and Clear Creek Trails are also used.

Tobecco Trail

4.4 miles, more difficult hiking

This 11-mile hiking trail connects Cook Forest and Clear Creek state parks.

The trail runs east from Route 36 in Cook Forest State Park along the Clarion River to Route 899, before entering Clear Creek State Park.

3.8 miles are located in Clear Creek State Park, 3.3 miles of which run in conjunction with Tadler Run Trail.

Truby Trail

1.0 mile, easiest hiking

This wide trail gently traverses three-quarters of the way up the side of a steep hill.

Zerby Trail

1.3 mile, easiest hiking

The trail passes through a northern hardwood forest until it intersections with Ridge Trail and a large area of rhododendron.