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Hiking at Caledonia State Park

10 miles of trails

The trails pass through forests and historic areas. A brochure on the hiking trails is available at the park office.

Chambersburg Water Line

1.9 miles, easiest hiking

This park “right-of-way” is perfect for the entire family. Level and grassy, the waterline cuts across the entire park and offers glimpses into the dark and beautiful forest of the park.

Charcoal Hearth Trail

2.7 miles, most difficult hiking

This is the longest and most rugged trail in the park.

With its trailhead at the falls on Thaddeus Stevens Historic Trail, Charcoal Hearth Trail climbs steeply for 10-15 minutes to Graeffenburg Mountain before leveling off, then descends gradually, ending by a quiet stream near the Furnace Dam and pond. On the descent, watch for four historic charcoal hearths (noted on the map) and an old wagon road.

Keep a watchful eye out for squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and deer.

Fire Road Trail

1 mile, more difficult hiking

This is a dirt road that serves as a fire break for the campground and access road for park vehicles.

Midland Trail

0.7 mile, easiest hiking

Starting at the trailhead kiosk, this trail passes through the park near the swimming pool, past the park office and ends at the old forestry museum building in the organized group tenting area.

This uniquely beautiful walk is pleasant and level under a heavy canopy of white pine. This is also a great area to hear the “flute-like” song of the wood thrush on summer late afternoons.

Quarry Gap Road/Trail

1 mile, most difficult hiking

Hike up Quarry Gap Road to the dead end, turn left through the gates to the Appalachian Trail.

Ramble Trail

2.2 miles, more difficult hiking

This wide walking trail begins at the trailhead kiosk and passes through the scenic lowlands of the park then returns to the pool area.

In its circular route, the trail follows the millrace of an old rolling mill and passes the rolling mill falls. The trail also passes through one of the oldest white pine plantations in Pennsylvania.

This is a great place to see woodland birds.

Thaddeus Stevens Historic Trail

0.8 mile, easiest hiking

Guides are available at the park office for this self-guiding trail.

Step back in time to imagine the bustling community of the Caledonia Iron Works. Investigate the:

  • Blacksmith shop
  • Millrace
  • Falls
  • Furnace dam
  • Header dam

Start at the trailhead kiosk or at the blacksmith shop. Return to the park by way of the Midland Trail which passes by the park office.

Three Valley Trail

0.7 mile, most difficult hiking

Beginning along Ramble Trail, Three Valley Trail crosses over the Chambersburg Water Line and ascends 400 feet up Ore Bank Hill to the Appalachian Trail.

This trail is maintained by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club as a side trail to the Appalachian Trail. This trail is blazed in blue, but white blazes appear when the trail merges with the Appalachian Trail at the top of the incline. Retrace your steps or make a right onto the Appalachian Trail.

Trolley Trail

0.7 mile, easiest hiking

Although short, this path is suitable for bicycles. CAUTION -- for your safety, do not bicycle on US 30.

This trail was once an old trolley grade that brought visitors from Chambersburg to the Caledonia Amusement Park. The old blacksmith shop once served as the trolley station.

Whispering Pine Nature Trail

0.4 mile, easiest hiking

Discover the lowland forests of Caledonia State Park on this short loop trail that begins along the park road between the two bridges after passing the park office.

Appalachian Trail

1.8 miles in the park, most difficult hiking

The famous, 2,186-mile Appalachian Trail passes through the park on its way north to Mt. Katahdin in Maine and south to Springer Mountain in Georgia.

Hiking this section of the Appalachian Trail gives hikers a taste of the terrain of the entire trail. Many scouting groups use this part of the Appalachian Trail as a “shake down” trip before setting out on longer excursions.

Hikers can do an overnight hike on the Appalachian Trail from Caledonia to Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, an all-volunteer club, maintains this section of the trail.