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Hiking at Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

12 miles of trails

The Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area boasts an extensive trail system, which will please almost any hiking enthusiast.

Pond Loop Trail

1.2 miles, pink blazes, easiest hiking

This trail skirts the spring-fed pond. It is a haven for a number of amphibians during the early spring and summer months and is also a popular watering hole for wildlife.

Lower Spring Trail

1.1 miles, lavender blazes, easiest hiking

This is a great trail for cross-country skiing and for seeing the heart of the conservation area.

East Loop Trail

1.9 miles, lime green blazes, more difficult hiking

As its name implies, this trail runs toward the eastern end of the conservation area and follows the power line for about 0.3 mile.

Creek Trail

0.9 mile, medium blue blazes, more difficult hiking

This trail winds down to the creek near an American beech grove and then angles up the slope near the western edge of the park.

Janie Trail

2.8 miles, red blazes, most difficult hiking

This is the longest and most challenging trail in the conservation area. It follows the ridge top and comes down the mountain on a steep slope.

A red-blazed spur leads to a parking lot on the Blue Mountain Parkway.

Upper Spring Trail

2 miles, beige blazes, more difficult hiking

This trail provides the hiker with a nice cross-sectional view of the conservation area.

This is an excellent trail to see some of the largest trees in the area. These large second growth oaks, hickories, and beeches could be old growth stands in the future.

Coach Trail

0.9 mile, yellow blazes, easiest hiking

This trail follows the base of the ridge and loops at the park’s western edge. It is a good cross-country skiing trail as well as a great trail to watch and listen for warblers in the spring and early summer.

Mockingbird Trail

0.2 mile, green blazes, easiest hiking

This trail connects East Loop Trail to the park boundary.