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​Boating at Beltzville State Park

Unlimited horsepower motors

The 949-acre Beltzville Lake has a maximum boating speed of 45 mph. Most types of recreational boats are permitted. Please check with the park office if there is a question as to the type of watercraft permitted.

It is unlawful to operate a boat equipped with inboard engines with out-of-the-transom or straight-stack type exhausts, wet or dry.

Sleeping overnight on watercraft is prohibited. Day use mooring is prohibited in the boat rental cove area.

The lake east of Preachers Camp launch and Pine Run Cove is restricted to “no wake” speed.

Boat Registration

Motorboats must display a current boat registration. Non-powered boats must display one of the following:

  • Boat registration
  • Launch permit or mooring permit from Pennsylvania state parks -- available at most state park offices
  • Launch permit from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations and laws apply.

Launching and Mooring

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. The Pine Run East Launch along the northern shore of the lake features:

  • A three-lane boat launching ramp
  • ADA accessible courtesy dock
  • Wide gravel beaching area
  • Parking for cars and trailers

The Preacher's Camp Launching Area on the southern shore has:

  • A two-lane launch ramp
  • Parking for cars and boat trailers
  • Seasonal mooring of canoes and kayaks

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. An ADA accessible courtesy dock in the day use area near the beach is available upon request.


Skiing is permitted from sunrise to sunset in the zoned ski area along the south shore of the lake. All boats in this ski area shall operate in a counterclockwise direction. Boats not engaged in skiing must remain outside the ski area while skiing is in progress.

A boat may not tow more than one water-ski device on weekends and holidays from the Saturday preceding Memorial Day through Labor Day. Kite-skiing and parasailing are prohibited. Boats may not exceed 45 mph.

Boat Rental

A boat rental concession, west of the swimming beach, is open daily during the summer season. It rents:

  • Kayaks
  • Paddleboats
  • Pontoon boat (advance reservations required)


Iceboats must display a state park launching permit. Ice thickness in not monitored.

Be Safe on the Ice

  • Test ice thickness with an auger before recreating. Four inches of solid ice is the minimum recommended thickness for a single person. Seven inches of solid ice is the minimum recommended thickness for small group. Ice should be six inches thick for iceboating.
  • Always carry safety equipment and know how to use it.
  • Spread out. Crowds can put too much weight onto one area.
  • Be aware of changes in ice thickness across a body of water. Perimeter ice is weaker due to shifting, expansion and sunlight reflecting off of the bottom.
  • Avoid areas with protruding logs, brush, plants, and docks. These structures absorb heat, weakening the surrounding ice.
  • Avoid areas with multiple or intersecting cracks, and standing water over ice.
  • Venturing out on ice alone is not advisable. Take a friend along for fun and for safety.
  • Wear a PFD (life jacket).
  • Check the weather and plan accordingly. Several days with temperatures above freezing will weaken the ice.